Cinema Club 49

CC49 is held 5 times a year on the first Wednesday of the school holidays (excluding the Christmas holiday). We distribute leaflets and posters to Harestock and Weeke Primary schools (thank you!) just ahead of the next event. Any inquiries then please contact us.

The film will be a U or PG and be on general release. The official start time is 3:30pm at Weeke Community Centre, but we are always there from 3pm setting up. We will be finished by 5:30pm so please be there to collect your child/children by then. Parents do not have to stay but are welcome to if they wish. Coming and going is fine, we don’t stress about it. Everyone is signed in so if we have to call you back then we can do. Again, it’s fine.

We have an annual video license which grants us the right to show the films. However, the terms of the license mean that we cannot advertise the title of the film or charge an admission fee. We do however provide (free) fruit juice and pop corn half way through the film. Parents are offered tea or coffee (pop corn is available too!).

CC49 is part of our work to help and support the community in north Winchester.

CC49 is generally on the first Wednesday of a school holiday (as per the Hampshire County Council web site).

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